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About You and The Company

Our program is designed to increase quickness and agility while improving durability for every athlete. We focus on the fundamentals of speed while developing proper training habits to give our athletes the knowledge and confidence to be successful in any sport. 

This program was developed by Sand Speed Founder and Certified Speed and Agility Coach Nolan Carvalho. 

Increase Speed

During our 4 week program our athletes will be taught the fundamentals of speed.  This will include proper sprinting mechanics as well as how to train for each specific element of speed.  We divide our program into 4 sections of speed; acceleration, top-end speed, change of direction and reaction time. 

Workout on Beach
Workout at the Beach

Improve Durability

We have teamed up with Alliance Physical Therapy to develop a stretching and warm up routine designed to allow our athletes to achieve optimum performance while maintaining durability.  As athletes get older and the competition intensifies, the risk of injury increases.  In our program, we stress the importance of stretching and muscle maintenance at an early age. 

Achieve Greatness

Our mission at Sand Speed is to set our athletes up for success in sports and in life.  We use the power of sand for speed training that will truly help Athletes and Sports Teams reach their athletic potential. 

Spilling Sand


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