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Our program is designed to increase quickness and agility while improving durability for every athlete. We focus on the fundamentals of speed while developing proper training habits to give our athletes the knowledge and confidence to be successful in any sport. 


“There’s Speed and then there’s Sand Speed. Experience the Difference!” 


Speed Training

Summer Camps

2 Week Speed and Agility Program

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Virginia Beach Field House

  • Camp 1: Summer 2024 June 17 - June 28

  • Camp 2: Summer 2024 July 1 - July 12

  • Camp 3: Summer 2024 July 22 - Aug 2

Private, Team, and Individual Training 


Dates Available

Number of Athletes

Athlete Ages

Drop-in Single
Training Sessions

Weekly Single Session Workouts Open to All Athletes

  • Virginia Beach Field House

  • Fridays 5:30pm

  • Starting 9/29

Benefits of Sand Training

  • The energy expended exercising on sand is up to 1.6 times greater than exercising on grass. 

  • By running on sand and challenging your stability, you’ll start to build strength in these areas, which can carry over to performance benefits on the road.

  • Sand training has a low impact force which leads to less muscle damage, and subsequent soreness.

  • A training study had results that showed training load, HR and VO2Max improved significantly in the sand training group compared to the grass training groups.​

  • Injury Reduction and Risk while exercising on sand proven by science and studies done. 


Acute Sand Training Changes

Improve Muscle Soreness
Elastic Responses
Horizontal Velocity
Center of Mass Position
Stride Length
Ground Contact Time
Metabolic Cost
Trunk Forward Lean
Mechanical Work
Increases Durability 
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