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Summer Camps
Team Training
Private Training
Open Sessions

Our 2 Week, 6 session, training program covering all phases of speed.  We break our program down into 4 sections; acceleration, change of direction, reaction time, and top-end speed. We combine all ages, all sports and all athletes to bring a one-of-a-kind experience that is guaranteed to increase your speed!

A completely customizable program for teams of any sport.  We work all year around with teams and create a specific program for their needs. With our diverse coaching staff, we offer a tailored experience that will make your athletes faster, smarter and have more confidence in their current sport. 


One on One or small group training for all athletes and all sports.  We specialize in college prep to make sure our athletes are fully prepared for the next level.  We break down sprinting technique and include video and visual feedback for precise adjustments. We fix bad technique!


Open training sessions available for any athlete and any age. These are one-time, drop-in training sessions that will occur throughout the spring and fall seasons. Please check our "Book Online" page or social media @SandSpeedVB for upcoming sessions. 

Sand Speed Coaches
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